Thanks to the A-Reporting service, receive all your toll data in a single document, and select the frequency and format that best suits your needs.

Save time processing your invoicing and re-invoicing data.

Four available reports that include your consumption and toll invoice data, allowing to consolidate several documents over each period:
  • Your overall toll consumption per OBU/vehicle, for the various networks, tracked from the beginning of the year over a given period.
  • The details of your toll consumption by vehicle, toll network and tax, for your entire fleet over a given period.
  • Availability of all invoicing data for all networks in a single file, with consumption, discount and subscription fee details.
  • List of the MERs (Most Expensive Route), invoiced over the period with the proposed entry plaza. When you are informed that your entry plaza has not been saved, along with the suggestion of a correct entry plaza, you can start the process of paying for the right journey.

These reports aim to optimise the processing and analysis of data, thus lowering costs linked to toll consumption and equipment management.

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